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ESP uderstand the new internet age, and with it has come a wildfire of video rich websites. It seems everyone is getting in on the video craze. . Here are few reasons on why we use video on our website:

Videos make material more believable since the viewer can see us in action, be it a new client or instructions on how to do something. Through using video on our website, we can demonstrate the before and after effects of our clients, and show testimonials from our customers. All of this helps lend credibility to us and our business.

Video also grabs the viewers attention. In an world filled with text and pictures marketing new things, a well-constructed video really stands out to consumers. It tempts them to take action on your words, and it helps you build a relationship with them by adding a personal touch to your campaign. This is a very important aspect of video as having a relationship with your customers is what will keep them coming back.

View some of our video projects.

ESP Intro to DVD

George Fraser on FAIR

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