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EDMOND DEFRANK - Director of Internet Services & Assistant General Counsel

A licensed patent attorney, Ed is our Director of Internet Services and Assistant General Counsel. Ed handles all aspects of Internet, domain rights, Copyright and Trademark law including, but not limited to, search engine optimization, Internet marketing techniques, email campaigns and domain rights management as applied to Trademark law. Ed has over 15 years of experience as both a computer engineer and an attorney in the high tech sector and has been a registered patent attorney and intellectual property specialist since 1992. Ed has audited, written and prosecuted over 1000 patents, patent applications, trademarks and copyrights and was one of the first attorneys in U.S. history to successfully write and prosecute computer software patents, including Internet search engine algorithms, Internet e-commerce applications and IT business models for the World Wide Web.

Ed has successfully obtained domain names from cyber squatters for a number of Hollywood celebrity names and professional athletes including Dennis Haysbert, Cuttino Mobley, Latrell Sprewell, Darren Bennett, Adam Deadmarsh, Marcus Fizer, Ron Mercer and more. Ed is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, where he earned his degree in Engineering, and Southwestern School of Law where he earned his law degree.