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Entertainment & Sports Plus (ESP) is a national, full-service athlete and entertainer management firm. ESP has built its professional reputation on having an “extrasensory perception” or “ESP” when it comes to servicing the needs of athletes and entertainers.

The services we provide at ESP helps our clients improve their professional skills and abilities, enhance their public image, develop the financial knowledge necessary to manage and build wealth, and develop the life management skills required to handle fame and fortune. We also provide exceptional service in the areas of contract negotiations, endorsements, marketing and branding.

We are proud to be the only firm in industry with a fully developed leadership and personal development program that we offer through the ESP Personal Development Institute. ® Through the Institute, we provide unparalleled career, leadership and personal development services to enable our clients to maximize their personal and professional success and balance fame and fortune with meaningful lives of service that can be an inspiration to others.

The overriding goal at ESP Is to keep our clients from being among the vast number of professional athletes and entertainers who within a few short years are bankrupt, divorced and unemployed and ill-equipped to deal effectively with life out of the spotlight.